Monday, 12 April 2010

On The Wall. Brief.

Today I recieved the brief from Simon, about work he would like for 'On The Wall'...He talks more about the shop and says it's important to come and have a look at what they sell, I've been a couple of times though and also check the website pretty regularly.

Through his email, Simon describes really that the shop is very open-minded however: Their interested in work of a more organic nature is not only based on our own personal tastes and interests but it has also proved to be much more successful in the shop than work of a purely computer based nature. However they are not totally ruling it out.
There was no real theme suggested but he also added that if we felt we'd benefit from some guidance in developing the types of themes that do well in the shop then they can make suggestions to us.

Im thinking of taking my ideas for the Handmade craftfair that I most probably won't get done and having those as the projects I set myself for 'On The Wall'.
I'm hoping to get lots of work together over the next two weeks, to then go and show Simon by the beginning of May? Then produce further and more of what he likes...? I need to discuss ideas and things with Matt though, which I will do at the crit this week.

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