Sunday, 18 April 2010

Handmade 3/Competitive Cupcakes.

It's got a new name this time round, and should be as exciting as ever, Paul and I are manning a stall, although I don't have anything to really put in/on the stall? It will be a good experience to meet and talk to people.

Although, I'm going to try anyway to produce some work for it, I doubt it will be done in time, but they are ideas I am pretty keen on completing over the next few weeks anyway and possibly taking them to Simon at 'On The Wall':

- My initial Ideas were forming postcards like I did for my exhibition a couple of month ago, but of groups of objects. However the objects won't be just outlined objects cut out, they will all be pattern with no outline, so you have to make out the image, I want the postcard to be a sort of 'mobile picnic', which is has everything laser cut out that you would take to a picnic, here's an example of a mock up design and some items I drew possibly make a collection of them, of collections of items you would take out/or set out for a specific event.

- Also I'm really keen on doing some origami and Had the idea of designing an Origami picnic as well, where the origami is the shape of a heart or another shape (I've yet to re-search the wonderful world of origami properly, only had a brief look) and then you fold out the bits to reveal a picnic and items objects you would find on your picnic blanket. I think this could be really cute...If I don't get any of these Ideas finished for the craft-fair then I still want to make them happen as part of my practice, don't want to have to rush them.

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