Monday, 26 April 2010

Green Generations Launch Event.

Today, although very nervous, I made it too the Green Generations Launch Event, at Leeds Central Library. I got there a little early to talk to Jane and Shari about what was happening, we had a 10 minute slot to talk about the Artivism project.
There were lots of Leeds City Council folk there, and people were gathered there to talk about and explain the launch of this idea of Brining Generations together, Leeds Intergenerational approach. There were booklets on the seats explaining what the project is about and what they aim to do...

We were the third of 5 people to speak, once I started speaking I found I was alright and even got a few laughs from people in the audience, I'd taken notes about what I wanted to say the night before so it was a little easier to talk about it...

It seemed I'd set a good example of what the project was about as I got mentioned by the speaker after us a lot as an example. The best thing about the couple of hours I was there though, was an all generations band that had been put together by Jane and they sounded brilliant, you couldn't help but smile and think awww! The best thing was them playing and a boy about my age rapping to the band playing, was pretty spectacular, just shows that you can bring all ages together and they can all relate to each other in someway.

From being there I feel I took lots and lots on board, its such a good project and I could relate to stuff that had already been done, for instance 3 older ladies had done a course at a primary school with 10 years olds teaching them how to use a computer and their mobile phones! My nan could really do with this, it made me wish I'd get my nan got more involved with community activities, being a widow.

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