Friday, 9 April 2010

Pocketful Magazine. Design.

My approach to this is to play on the 'I did it my way' slogan by doing things with an image that don't look right? Or don't conform to the normal ways of even placing bits on an image.

Another idea for a concept I've had to complement the 'I did it my way' theme, is to think about how I go about 'being myself'. This also ties into the aspirational image making idea and the slogans I've been thinking about. Recently I've been thinking a lot about how I sometimes I try to make my work, to what I think people want to see, to an extent this needs to be done, but I want to design and do work that reflects who I am and my thoughts. Things that come to my mind are things like:

- What's worse than ordinary?
- I'd rather be anything but ordinary.
- Slow Down.
- Be Accepting.
- Care - Don't Care Too Much.
- Wait In Line Till We Get Happy.

Other ways I was thinking of working to the theme, was to take something that's normally done a certain way and do it my way, for example taking the idea of pattern, being neat and always perfectly well done, but my way would be producing hand-drawn continuos line drawn pattern, this will give the pattern more personality as well.
Below are notes and ideas in my sketchbook...

Here are some sketches I've been doing over the last few days to start me off...

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