Thursday, 18 February 2010

TheBigIssueIn THE NORTH Magazine.

Yesterday we got a call from the office and they said they had been given a two page spread to fill, by the editorial office in Manchester.
They'd thought about it and wanted to write about the OutReach program, about what Amber and I do and how we find volunteering within our community.

Today we met with Claire at the office at 11, then went out to do a mini-outreach, with Claire taking photos of us interacting with the vendors and signing the sheet as we usually do when we're out.
Of course the vendors were asked if they minded having their photo taken first, but they also had to sign a form declaring their consent to have the photo taken and printed.

We finally gave Claire some quotes about how we feel about volunteering and how much of a positive activity it is. 'Interacting with people you wouldn't normally, giving something back to the community in which you live'.

The magazine gets published every week and so the OutReach page spread should be published and ready to print by next Tuesday.

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