Tuesday, 23 February 2010


For this project I want to try and incorporate all 3 live ways of working. A major part of this module for me, is developing a solid style/personality for my work and bringing together a strong portfolio. This will be good preparation for any work experience and the future.
Competition and Client briefs to build my confidence in the 'real' world. Working in my general practice in general to get a good portfolio together also putting my work out there, so making lots of online portfolios and talking to people. I also hope to learn about getting a space to exhibit work in, this process will teach me how to go about this in the future and also get work seen.
I've been given a brief by The Big Issue In The North, to put on an exhibition for the public and the vendors also, taking my work with this group further and being in a real life situation, working with people who have particular needs.

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