Monday, 8 February 2010

Handmade 2.

Today a few of us took a trip to Handmade 2, following the success of 'Handmade' craft fair. Unfortunately I managed to miss the first one, which I was disapointed about. On sale were, print, cards, knitted things, badges, jewelry, posters, photos, cushions and much more!

It was interesting to see all the work and effort people had put in. It really motivates you.
One stall which really interested me having just tried to put some jewelry together, was a girl called Cassandra who runs her own little jewelry company named 'Pink Gin' I asked her for a business card, this is a link to her website. I was really into the whole 'wood' - paint thing. The pieces were just beautiful. She also does a lot of tattoo design and is training at the moment to be a tattoo artist -
Here are a couple of pieces the jewelry on her blog page:

Handmade was also a good insight into how I could possibly make money and spend my time during uni and throughout, getting more involved and doing more of my own work in my own time to sell and show people. Somebody in this country's gotta like my work right?!
It's made me think about producing lots more work and given me great ideas, as well as make me think about best ways to advertise myself as a creative.
Such as, my own website, business cards - advertising my blog and website. Possibly coming together with others 'collective' to put on a week long exhibition, selling, promoting ourselves and exhibiting our work.
From all of these ideas and ambitions, I've set myself a goals for the summer and over these next few months. They are to try and put all these ideas into play and start designing website ideas and other webpages.
I do still feel as though I need some more solid projects to put on a website to give a clear idea of my work to an audience.

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