Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Today I got the chance to be on the interview panel, for the up-coming first years to be on our course.
It was a very long afternoon but such a good experience! The college had, had too many people scheduled for interviews, so this meant a BIG afternoon ahead of us. We gave a tour of the building and also got some parents coming along too, this actually gave me the chance to see If I had been missing out on any facilities I might have been unaware of as well!

My interviewing panel consisted of David, Paul and I, we made a pretty good team I think. While the applicants were filling in their quiz sheets, we got the chance to look through all the portfolios and mark them accordingly. It was so interesting to look through the portfolios, for many different reasons as well, amazing drawings and paintings really reminded me of doing my BTEC and I found the work inspirational, it's made me want to start drawing and painting again.
Other portfolios really made me reflect on my interview into the college and whilst marking them I began to think about how I need to prepare for my interview with the tutors at the end of second year. It was interesting to see what got you the marks for a good portfolio. Which will obviously be different for my interview later this year.

Over all this had made me want to already start thinking about techniques and ways of thinking and speaking in preparation for my second year interview at the end of this academic year.
As well as a very successful and fulfilling experience, it's also something to put on a creative CV. I look forward to possibly being asked to do it next year!

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