Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Well today we actually had the briefing for the Live Project brief. It clarrified things I'd expected from the Brief, and also suprised. I was concerned that 'Client briefs' would be the live briefs which were expected. However it gives us the chance to dip into three areas of live work:
- 1. Working for Client/External Organisations
- 2. Entering Competition Briefs
- 3. Concentrating on your Practice, writing your own brief.

Something which stuck out when approaching this, was simply the fact that whatever you intend do to, is a real or 'live' project which meets actual needs and will be viewed by a specific audience.
I was pretty afraid of this brief from the beginning of the second year, and although send and receive has prepared me a little for this, also the start of PPD2, I'm still nervous to do work that will be judged. I guess it's always scary for the first time, but I'm pleased that this brief gives me the chance to just get stuck in and have the failures along with hopefully some successful work.

Before my tutorial, I filled in the sheet of what I wanted to and intended to achieve throughout this brief. I guess I ended up with a rough plan.
I know that I want to do each area of work, but try and link them. I plan to start with Competition briefs, this will start me off slowly.

But this is also a brilliant chance to develop my practice and get work together for a portfolio, possibly a chance for me to do a quick jewelry project as in the last project it was pretty unsuccessful and I was very inspired after visiting Handmade 2.

This Is how my work planned is looking:

1. CLIENT - Working with The Big Issue In the North on a project. Furthering relationships with the vendors. Starting with photography?
- Taking work to 'On The Wall', to possibly sell?
- Doing work for bands? Possibly setting my own brief for poster/flyer layout for Those Dancing Days.

2. COMPETITION - Don't Panic Poster each month.
- Pocketful Illustration Magazine.

3. PRACTICE - Looking into how to get exhibition space/possibly looking into hot you go about getting grants and exhibition space.
- Getting work done to put together a strong portfolio.
- Putting together a few online portfolios.
- A jewelry project.
- Generating work which has a 'my style', identify this.

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