Friday, 26 February 2010


Well It's now two days before the deadline for the votes and I've only just got to scan in my wallpaper from being in the illustration exhibition at college. I scanned the two seprate bits and put them into photoshop, i then had to work with blurring the background because there's creases in the paper anyway from where I put it in the heat press for the foils, but also piecing it together and covering the joins.

Those are the pieces I used, heres the finished piece...

Although once I had sumbit'd this piece I suddenly saw that it wasn't very high in contrast and the black wasnt as strong as I wanted it to be, so I went into photoshop and adapted it. Then to be extremly pissed off and wish that I hadn't rushed into submitting it to the website.
Below is the darker, more vibrant piece, it picks up the foils' more which I was diss-apointed with. I also posted a comment saying that the work was actually screen-printed and then had heat pressed foils onto it to form the mirror/frames. Through submitting work like this through websites I feel that they really loose personality as it's hard to pick up how someone has created an image. I also had to piss about for ages with the size of the image and it wouldnt let me submit it for ages.

Overall I don't think I did too bad in getting 12 votes, I got onto the second page of posters as well, which felt like an achievement and got nice comments. It was also nice to just to see your work in amongst others creatives. The quote I used underneath my poster was "...the world's most influential fashion magazine" which was said by Caroline Weber. I think I could have definitely thought about it more. I guess it stuck out because it was just a statement and from looking at don't panic posters and voting over the last couple of years, I always prefer it when people describe their work through a bold statement.

From doing this I have learnt a lot -
- Make sure the file is small enough.
- Make sure I'm totally happy with the image before submitting it.
- Always create poster well in advanced of voting to allow more votes.
- Think carefully about what I write in the caption below the work.

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