Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Pocketful Magazine.

Pocketful is an illustration magazine, curated and edited by Selin Yurdakul. It is issued two times a year and is printed on demand.
The website describes the idea for it as simple, there are a great number of illustrations out there on the internet, people from all corners of the world put their work online, just to share with others, but those works don't usually appear that often in illustration magazines we usually read.
I personally agree and think it's a brilliant chance for young creatives to get a little recognition.
The magazine is the way of putting all these illustrations together and print them.
Each issue has a sentence/theme that you can respond to, you can also find some of the issues sold on amazon.

THEME: 'I did it my way!'
DEADLINE: April 15th 2010

This live brief is really exciting, not only because it's live, but because you are guaranteed a place in the magazine, which gives me even more drive to get a good piece of work to enter. It also strikes me as the type of magazine which is good for showing other creatives who you are and you're work, as when you submit a piece of work, the opposite page kind of advertises you, which is good in getting people to see more of your work.
Perhaps this is something I should put togther as well? Putting peoples work together from all over the world into a little magazine?
Here are a couple of pages by artists in previous editions:

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