Monday, 2 February 2009

SLR Digital. Drawing with Lights!

Here are some photos from my induction in the photography lighting studios, with the SRL cameras. From this afternoon, i learnt a lot about the technicalities of the camera and how to use it properly manually. We went about the college taking photos, but also had some fun creating light graffiti. Setting the camera up on a tripod, we then set the camera to a very slow shutter speed - (30 second exposure), and closed off all the light to the studio. Here are a few of the images we came up with...
We tried putting sheets of acetate in front of the lens to alter the colour. however it didn't work as well. Some of the best images were the ones we did first, and we tried to make images that simply didn't work. It looks easy but there is deffinetly a skill to it.

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