Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Another way of illustrative work being formatted in the end...
This is a magazine called PRINT.


January/February—Talks about Design Under Pressure
'The world is always presenting opportunities for urgent communication. Wherever there is an urgent need to convey information, there are designers, professional and self-taught, responding to the call to inform and spur people to action. How can designers around the world connect and teach people, and how can they do it most effectively? From newly repainted murals in Northern Ireland, to landmine warning signs, to activists' customized Google Maps, to a collection of rarely seen and
gorgeously handcrafted artist's books in Cuba, Print looks at a world of design for a turbulent and hopeful globe'.

Concentrating on layout, here is a layout for Print Magazine, describing a week of consumption through metrics including food, drink, utilities, media and more. 'The Obsessives'... The colours are vibrant and the layout, with the white neutralising the blue makes it look really flush.

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