Thursday, 12 February 2009


Darjas' Work. I came across this site which i think is a site by a company calling theselves Red, showing their many different presentations of layout which they have had to do for clients. All the different ways in which this work is presented show you ow many different ways you can finalize and format your work and put yourself forward as a designer.

Below is a website, the client being Red Beast concept, Norway.
Digital web design, 2D animation, all graphic elements.

Firstly is an illustration. Euro themaic. There client was - NK Verslas (business magazine) in Lithuania, using print and illustration.
On the right is a book, called 'You are in Russia' - which was one of their own projects.
This incorperated print, book layout, illustration and text.

Below, a poster promoting Vilnius. Clint - Vilnius City Municipal Government Economic Department Tourism division. Print and Graphic Design.

Here is a corporate style grid for a design magazine. Client - 'Centras' mag. Luthuania.
Together with, prin. Corporate style, Grid rules an layout, advertising.

Here are different print materials. Web attributes. The client was Red Beast Design, Red Beast Concept. This shows the range in which illustration can be finalized.

Lastly, here is a DVD presentation for the research on Norwegian customer types in supermarkets. Customer segmentation. The client was Sylinder Kunderutvikling.
It is Digital, Film and TV. Draja's part: concept and visual communication - illustration, layout and photography of products... 

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