Monday, 2 February 2009

Ways to Illustrate...

Within the broad definition of 'Illustration' nowadays, (which i think is partly due to the ever changing technologies available to use), ways in which we draw to create an illustration and even programmes we use to finish and refine work, have a major impact on a piece of works final outcome. Will the pencil eventually be put out of a job. Are we someday in the far far distant future, all going to work on computers and graphics tablets to draw! As will, books dissapear?!
From the drawings and images i developed i put a couple into photoshop and illustrator, i also used stitch as a way to draw (thinking of sewing machines as a technology) and a graphics tablet. I used all of these as an insight to new technonlogy.

Fabric illustrations are not new, using embroidery to depict images is not new, so how come it's suddenly so cool? Pick up a style magazine; Dazed & Confused, The Face, I-D, even Vogue and there is every chance you will find an embroidered illustration inside.
I looked into sewing illustration and these are a couple of my favourites...

The image below is Sacha Spencer Trace, stylist Stacey Williams, embroidery designer Debbie Stack: Acid. Sacha also joint founded the magazine Marmalade, full of the creative industries, media, style, fashion and contemporary culture.

There is also Sarah Crawford...This is The Face, August 2001. A stitched and digitalized face.


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