Monday, 2 February 2009

Drawings From Photos...

A few drawings from the photos on all three cameras. Producing the pictures in my own style, kind of takes away from the photographic nature of these images. However i've tried to keep the detail in a couple...
All of these images could be printed in so many differnet ways, thanks to the many technologies founded. Such as...lino, mono, collograph, screen and etching. Plus you can screen print, stencil, lino and digitally print onto fabrics.
Since i have not had time to go and experiment/try out the many different types of print with my images, i went to the print making people and asked them a series of questions to gain an insight of finalising work.
As a start to a final piece for this brief, im going to produce an ... size montage of illustration from all of the photos i have used.

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