Friday, 30 January 2009


For my own Exploration into the fast changing world of technology, i have decided to try and base my research and exploration around what i am interested in, which is mainly illustration and printing. I enjoy taking photos and working from them when creating images for print. I'm going to follow the way in which i work and produce my drawings that way, also looking for other artists who have a similar approach. My main exploration for this brief is to firstly compare four different cameras...
- 1983 Praktica MTL3 (self devloped in a black and whit film)
- 2008 Canon Digital Ixus 85
- Canon SLR
- Lomography camera...FISHEYE.
I will compare the pictures and the ease at which i took the pictures with, picking a a couple of best pictures from each camera i intend to see which one creates the best illustrations and then will explore printing processes, however i dont believe i will have time to actually do the printing, so i will question the printing staff about possibilities of where and how my images could finally end up...Which printing process is used the most frequently and for what kind of image. Also how many different ways illustrations can be formatted and what illustration is produced for?...constantly looking at the history and changes that illustration, photography and printing has gone through. Also the future for illustration and print? For a final piece i would like to put together a big montage of illustration, with drawings from most of the photos i've taken showing development of the type of camera used to draw from.

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