Sunday, 25 January 2009


That is the storyboard we put together using some of each of the drawings we did.
In a group of three we created a 30 second piece of action, on one of the finest pieces of technology, the video camera. The video camera is used for electronic motion picture. The earliest video cameras were those of John Logie Baird. Video cameras are used in two modes, live broadcast an example being television and also videotape, recording things. Cameras are used everywhere and for so many different reasons. Videotaping is key in society today for CCTV, and it is said now that England is recorded as the country with the most cameras watching us.

Before actually getting the shots on camera we had to each draw a story board, either close-up,longshot or extreme angles. It was important to discuss, the shooting order which we wrote down to make the filming possible, the length of each shot, point of view and also writing a short risk assesment. This consists of cautions we were to take during the filming and taking the concern of others saftey and also that of the expensive equipment we were using.
Here is our final storyboard ready for filming and also a few little annotations to help the people editing our film. 
This is the clips that we put together for another group to from their initial film idea from their storyboard.

This is our film which we put together...

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