Saturday, 31 January 2009

1983 Praktica MTL3.

....This was an amazing camera to look at and marvel at how old it was. However, being very heavy, it was hard for me to carry about and to take pictures quickly. It took me a while to work out what all the buttons did as well, as well as trying to sort out the lens. Also, whilst taking the pictures on different cameras, i also used film in two of them --> Colour film in the Lomo, and Black and White film, in the Praktica. Unfortunately, me being the idiot i am, accidently wound the film round the wrong way when it had finished and consequently the light got into the camera and the photos were all pretty much ruined. I believe this says something about the progression of the worlds technology... being so used to my digital camera i was not used to putting in a film and therefore messed it up, i also found it hard to use and hated that i couldnt see the image or delete it after i had taken it. However i do think this is bad, as old cameras are beautiful, and it is quite special when you finish a film and the photos are all a suprise...  

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