Sunday, 25 January 2009

Final Cut.

Final Cut was introduced in 1998, with a mac and windows version. In 2003, Apple announced a program for Premiere users to trade in their discs for a free copy of Final Cut Express. FCP benefited tremendously from the relative maturity and stability of QuickTime together with the new FireWire technology as it was applied to video editing. In April 2004, version 4.5 of Final Cut Pro was introduced, and rebranded by Apple as "Final Cut Pro HD", with the release of Final Cut Pro 5.0 in May 2005. The lastest Final cut which was released in April 2007 is Final Cut Pro 6.0.
These are just a few of the films edited using final cut.
Learning to use Final cut seemed quite easy as the software is easily accesable and easy to understand. This is an already formed animation that we took apart and learnt how to put together. I hope to produce my own...

This is the one of the earliest stop motion films. Its' Walt Disneys' Mickey Mouse, Steamboat Willie and was made in 1928. 

Here is an animation i found, which i think is really great, and is a good example of how illustration can be easily manipulated to produce an amazing life like piece of animation. Also watching it after the Steamboat Willie animation from 1928 really shows the comparison between what it was then and what it is now... It is the trailer for the upcoming film made by Louis hudson of Dice Productions, All Consuming Love (Man In a Cat). Coming out of a cats' ass near you! 

This is a really quick little animation i put together. Well its so awful, i wouldn't even call it an animation. but it was just me having a go and making something and making it move with my camera and using final cut...


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