Monday, 13 April 2009

Barbie Celebrates Her 50th Birthday!

March 9th 2009.

Celebrations happened all around the world. Models dressed as Barbie entertained large crowds at an event at Hamleys toy shop in central London, one of the Barbies arrived at Hamleys in a pink limousine and was greeted by hundreds of young girls. Another model posed in a copy of Barbie’s first swimsuit in zebra print.

'Barbie blew out 50 candles on a customized cake, which was a tower of over 2,000 pink cupcakes. Barbie Millicent Roberts’ official birthday is this upcoming Tuesday. The doll has taken some criticism in recent years for representing the unattainable look and the wrong message to young girls'.
From an article on the internet.

Aswell as creating an animation, I think it's important to highlight the fact its Barbies 50th year this year, and so if i can manage my time properly, i would like to create wrapping paper and a series of birthday cards with my negative view on Barbie.
I will draw and also photograph Barbies I cutomise, aswell as putting together a human Barbie (using one of my friends) to photograph and put on the cards or wrapping paper.
Creating the human Barbie, i may also use at the end of my animation.

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