Monday, 13 April 2009

Animating the Doll.

These are a couple of videos/animation i found of Barbie, i looked at them as ways of bringing the Barbie to life, which is in some ways what i want to achieve throughout this brief. Understanding peoples' perceptions of the doll and understanding Barbie herself...

This first one is a Vintage 60's Barbie Commercial, it was a commercial for when Barbie & friends first got bendable legs and is from the 1960s. It shows a in a couple of parts, the directors attempting to make them look more real, with a little bit of stop frame animation.

Vintage 60s The Barbie Look Commercial

Below is a really shit, video of someone embeding their own mouth onto the Barbie and making her speak. Its not amazing but the idea is there and its quite funny seeing her animated in this way that we're not used to.

Barbie talks

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