Sunday, 12 October 2008

Experiencing 'Light Night'.

We set off quite late for 'Light Night'. As we walked into town the wind seemed to pick up and it got really cold. We were constantly on the look out for things. The first thing we saw were people. Lots of them everywhere but of all ages, where as normally the students are out. We went into the church and saw a display of music, lights and shapes cut from cloth, which thus cast shadows and interesting light patterns. There seemed to be lots going on, we queued for ages outside the town hall...then to bump into Bernice and her friend who said not to bother queuing as it was pretty awful in there.. this saved time and frost bite.

Although we didnt see much of the actual 'Light Night' the surroundings and the actual mood of the place in contrast to how it normally is seemed to interest me more...such as the 'Jesus is GOD' posters and various people dressed up!

I felt sick most of the night :)
There was lots to observe and 'find out' on the streets themselves - where are they taking this ladder?

Bernice and friend outside the town hall. They told us that the ghost stories had been really good.

Queues. More Queues. . .

This guy was lovinggg 'Light Night'.

These were the cloth and lights in the church hall.

The first thing we saw in connection to 'Light Night.'

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